Japanese Basic Grammar
Arabic Basic grammar
Learn Chinese Easy
English Basic Grammar
French Learning
German Easy[德語易]
Hindi Easy [印地语易]
Korean Easy [韓語易]
Russian Easy [俄罗斯语易]
Spanish Easy [西班牙語易]
Thai Easy [泰语易]
The apps above designed for language learner on grammatical view , most of the apps on this topic are for travel purpose. A series of languages types will be launched from time to time. This is the apps free of charge for encouraging Language learner or any other interested parties. This is the main purpose  to publish the apps now and later on. Each app is divided into various sections in which classified and systematical words, phrases and sentences are shown. This could be illustrated by many tailored-made scenarios.With an apps in the mobile phone or tablets, the users can learn at any time and everywhere. The contents are filled with various grammar and designed for different level, it included sentences which let you improve and consolidate the language power through continuous practising. More reading and listening increase the knowledge and command of language. An app provided a convenient way of learning.

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